Sticks & Stones offers a great selection of outdoor teak designed to fit any space or setting. Our Teak furniture is made using plantation-grown or reclaimed Teak, so you can enjoy it for years in Caymans environment. To help ensure your Teak furniture lasts we also offer a Teak maintenance plan to help keep it looking as good as new. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we can have it made to your exact specifications.

Find out how to look after your teak furniture

You have just purchased a beautiful piece of furniture made of Teak. Now you need to make sure you give it what it needs to insure a “Long,
Lasting and Beautiful life span!

“Outdoor” Teak furniture care:

If you have bought one of our outdoor pieces you will want to first decide between maintaining the wood with Teak Oil or Penofin Oil?
The advantage of Penofin Oil is that it is UV rated and can protect the teak for many years to come. Penofin Oil should be applied when the teak still looks in good condition, we offer an email reminder you can sign up for. We do offer a maintaince service, so you can contact us to schedule a time to restore your teak furniture or apply Penofin Oil. You can try using Teak oil at first and see how often you need to reapply before deciding to use Penofin Oil (or not). However if you do this you will need to make sure that you give the furniture enough time to absorb the oil before cleaning and applying the Penofin oil (this could take 2-4 weeks).

We sell both of these products in our store and will be happy to talk to you about the application of either.  The main thing you want to accomplish is to keep the wood from drying out.  If it is left out in full weather, you need to give it care!  If you do not mind the natural silver aging of the wood then you can skip the above care and will only need to clean and oil the wood about every 3-12 months (depending on the location of your home and exposure of the furniture to the elements).

“Indoor” Teak furniture care:

 If you have bought one of our indoor pieces, the main concern is if you use 24/7 air-conditioning in your home.  If you do you will need to use “Teak Oil” on your furniture, once you bring it home. You will need to keep an eye on it because wood is very similar to us when it comes to the effects of A/C.  When you notice the wood losing its natural shine, just use a cotton cloth with Teak Oil on it and rub it gently into the wood as you dust.  Even if you do not use A/C you will want to check the wood occasionally for signs of drying, Furniture that is housing a T.V, stereo or computer, often need more oil applied due to the heat that these electronics emit! After some time you will notice the woods thirst slows down and you will find a rhythm as to how often the wood needs the oil.  Usually with 24/7 A/C it will be about every other month (sometimes less often). Remember, each piece of furniture is unique to each home.  The best advice is take a good look at your furniture every now and then! You can see when it needs oiling, just as we can see when our skin needs lotion.

 Thank you & Enjoy your new furniture

Sticks & Stones has the widest selection of outdoor synthetic rattan furniture on Grand Cayman and we offer many sets that can easily be shipped to Cayman Brac & Little Cayman. We offer rattan furniture made to last and requires little to no maintenance. Our outdoor rattan furniture has proven to be very durable and long lasting in Cayman’s climate. We create sets designed to complement our Teak furniture and outdoor accessories. As with our other products, if you have a special request or need,
we can make your rattan furniture to your specific request.